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Rapid Sleep Routines
Get a Good Night Sleep
"I'm so Tired! I can't ever get them to bed!"
seems like every night they get even more wild and crazy
Incentives. Consequences.
Nothing Works.
How many times have you lost it at bed time because they simply would NOT GO TO BED! That's what we're going to take care of right here.
"After the 8th request for water is when I lose it..."
I feel like a failure!
What you'll learn in this course:
  •  Establishing a Good Sleep Routine: examples of great bedtime routines for all ages 
  •  TLC Approach to bedtime: Typical Love Consistency - how it works to get kids to bed happily every night
  •  How much sleep? How to figure out how much sleep your child needs & when to start bedtime
  •  Bedtime Fun: How to make bedtime actually a fun time of day that kids look forward to 
  •  Staying in Bed: once it's lights out - getting them to stay in bed
  •  Tired Zone: how to catch your child's tired zone before they get overtired  
  •  Nap time: When to drop my toddler's nap and how long after a nap can I put him to sleep? 
  •  Troubleshooting for kids who really don't want to go to bed: you've tried everything else. Now what? Troubleshooting ideas for when nothing else works
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rapid sleep routines
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Hey, I’m Lisa! I’m a natural, grain free, crunchy, enthusiastic and full-of-energy-for-anything-fun mom of eight kids (yes, eight!), ranging in age from toddler to 18. I’m passionate about encouraging moms and dads to fill themselves up with whatever it takes to be an awesome parent.

I'm a mom just like who's been through the trenches. I know what it feels like to have kids that won't listen, talk back and make you beyond frustrated. I'm here to hold your hand through this and give you some life saving tools.
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