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Peaceful Discipline
How To?
"I'm so Tired of Constant Misbehavior."
things aren't getting any better
Time-Outs. Consequences.
Nothing Works.
How many times have you stood there thinking WHAT DO I DO NOW? No you can't do nothing but you don't want to do the wrong thing either. That's what we're going to take care of right here.
"What do I do when he acts like this?"
I feel like a failure!
What you'll learn in this course:
  •  How to Establish Authority & Set Boundaries: with positivity & love 
  •   Consistency: How to? even when your kids test the limits over and over again 
  •  The 1 2 3s of Positive, Peaceful Discipline and how to use it in every day interactions 
  •  When to Give Consequences and how to do it the right way
  •  House Rules & Consistency: How to get started & be consistent 
  •  Ignoring, Technical Success & Cooperation Techniques: When to use which tool?
  •  Plan Ahead: Planning ahead after the misbehavior (but before it happens again)  
  •  Misbehavior or Conflict - What Next? The decision every parent must make after the fact - How to navigate
  •  Putting it into Action: Real life examples of positive, peaceful discipline with love 
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peaceful discipline - How to?
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Hey, I’m Lisa! I’m a natural, grain free, crunchy, enthusiastic and full-of-energy-for-anything-fun mom of eight kids (yes, eight!), ranging in age from toddler to 18. I’m passionate about encouraging moms and dads to fill themselves up with whatever it takes to be an awesome parent.

I'm a mom just like who's been through the trenches. I know what it feels like to have kids that won't listen, talk back and make you beyond frustrated. I'm here to hold your hand through this and give you some life saving tools.
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