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Build Your Child.
Build Yourself.
Does raising your kids feel more like a battlefield than a beautiful journey? Constantly wishing that parenting came with a manual? 
Look no further! Jam packed with all the tools you need, Miracle Maker Mom's Chaos To Connection will help you become the confident, patient, positive parent you want to be for your kids - all while infusing your parenting with purpose, passion & power. 
Best of all? It only takes minutes a day! 
Parenting From
To Connection 
Build Your Child.
Build Yourself.
Does raising your kids feel more like a battlefield than a beautiful journey? Constantly wishing that parenting came with a manual? Look no further! 
Jam packed with all the tools you need, Miracle Maker Mom's Chaos To Connection will help you become the confident, patient, positive parent you want to be for your kids - all while infusing your parenting with purpose, passion & power
Best of all? It only takes minutes a day!
Ever Find Yourself Sounding Like THIS? 
...no judgement here, this used to be my ‘normal’!

If This is Your Daily Reality as a Parent, Don’t Beat Yourself Up! 
You're Just a Few AMAZING Parenting Tools Away from Reclaiming Your Family's SANITY!

Time-Outs. Consequences.
Nothing Works.
Morning routine. After school. Meal time. 
Play time. Homework. Chores. Bedtime. 
Non-Stop Fights. It's just plain exhausting & nothing works no matter what you do.
Parenting is Hard - But it Doesn't Have to Feel Like a Daily Battle
"No one told me that I'd be screaming and yelling at my kids and then spending every night feeling guilty about getting angry - yet again - just to end up losing it all over again the next day.
I try so hard to do everything just right yet I feel so helpless and so sad that I'm hurting the children that I love. I feel like a failure."
Ready to Raise Your Kids Without 
Raising Your Voice?
Imagine how different your life would be if you could:
  • Get Your Child to Listen to You without nagging, yelling or pleading
  • ​Confront, neutralize and eliminate power struggles quickly and calmly 
  • Help your kids get along with each other... instead of fighting constantly!
  • Actually PREVENT misbehavior.... not just react to it
  • Stop giving in to your child's every desire
  • ​Help your child deal with anger, disappointment and frustration in a positive way
  •  Respond Calmly when your child is testing the boundaries
  •  Finally put a stop to the endless fights and yelling
  •  Truly ENJOY your kids, without frustration and overwhelm getting in the way
    I am here to PERSONALLY work with you to make your family
    an AWESOME place to be!
    ... don't worry, me too:)
    I want to PERSONALLY work with you to help make your family an AWESOME place to be!
    In This Course, You'll Learn How To...
    • Get your kids dancing to the sound of your voice simply by learning the right communication skills
    • Turn power struggles into tame, teachable moments
    • Set boundaries and be consistent, even when your kids test the limits over and over again
    • Use Positive Peaceful Discipline to neutralize misbehavior and prevent its return
    •  Give kids consequences without defensiveness, hurt feelings, or retaliation tantrums
    • Free yourself from the anger and frustration that flares when your kids test you
    •  Respond calmly & clearly when your child is misbehaving, and know exactly what to do next  
    •  Raise your kids to look to YOU for guidance instead of their peers 
    •  Become the Role Model your kids will look up to and love to please
    •  Raise confident kids who believe in themselves and know that they can accomplish anything
    MEET Lisa Fournier
    Hey, I’m Lisa! I’m a natural, grain free, crunchy, enthusiastic and full-of-energy-for-anything-fun mom of eight kids (yes, eight!), ranging in age from toddler to 18. I’m passionate about encouraging moms and dads to fill themselves up with whatever it takes to be an awesome parent.
    I'm a mom just you like you who's been through the trenches. I know what it feels like to have kids who won't listen, talk back and make every day feel like a nonstop power struggle. I'm here to hold your hand and give you my best family transforming tools, so that you can discover the total JOY of a caring, connected, conflict-free family!
    don't just take our word for it...
    See what others have to say about our course!
    I know Lisa and her kids personally, and I don't know what she's doing but her kids are not only happy but incredibly confident and each one has a special inner shine. I know lots and lots of kids with 2 parents at home who together are not successful at bringing out the uniqueness and special talents that Lisa does alone as a single Mom.
    I was her youngest son's play school teacher and in all my years taking care of children, I never saw a little 2-year-old who was so kind and caring and attentive to other children's feelings and pain.
    Superman should move over for Super Mom - lots of moms & dads have loads to learn from Lisa in how to love and build a child.
    Leora Greenman, Preschool Teacher
    What Lessons are Parents Excited About in the Parenting from Chaos to Connection 
    Module 1 - Step into Your Parenting Power
    Creating meaningful change in your family starts with YOU! Discover how to build yourself into the parent who inspires respect, admiration, and trust from her children.
    • ​How to step into the role of role model and become the parent your children LOVE to spend time with, learn from, and make proud.
    • How to use ‘thinking out loud’ as a powerful teaching tool...and the hidden benefits of letting your kids ‘see inside your mind’
    • ​The power of sleep, diet, intentions, and affirmations in supercharging your daily parenting energy...so you can show up for life 110%
    • ​Why personal development is your greatest shortcut to a more peaceful, cooperative, joyful life with your kids.
    Module 2 - Setting Clear Values
    Children aren’t born with values - they look to YOU to learn what is most important! Discover how to set crystal-clear values that will guide your kids toward positive behavior, strong relationships, and a solid moral compass for life.
    •  How to clearly define what is right, wrong, and important in your family...and how to teach those values by example
    • Why giving value to the laws of nature - food, sleep, and exercise - will supercharge every aspect of your family’s life
    • Examples of value setting from REAL families that you can model in your own home!
    Module 3 - How to Teach Anything
    Children learn in MANY more ways than just telling them information! Discover the oodles of creative ways to impart a lesson so they'll come to value it.
    • ​How to effectively use tone of voice, pitch, volume, and word choice to get your message across the FIRST time
    • How to consciously harness the intensity of your reactions to teach what is most important
    • The difference between responding to actions or outcomes... and which is the most effective in teaching appropriate behavior
    • ​Using stories to teach ANY lesson and have it stick with your child for life!
    • ​How lies (even little white ones) can “un-teach” the important lessons you’ve worked hard to teach your child... and what to do instead
    Module 4 - Family Feng Shui
    Learn how the atmosphere in your home plays a vital role in your child's life and relationship with you. Discover easy ways to transform negative behavior and habits simply by making changes to the home environment.
    • ​How respect between parents affects a child’s behavior, and how to create a positive family atmosphere …even if you’re divorced!
    • Using the 80/20 Ratio to create a happy social atmosphere in your home, eliminate unnecessary drama, and maximize family fun!
    • ​How to make your kids feel respected and accepted - the key to infusing your home atmosphere with trust, openness, and love.
    • ​The importance of creating a happy balance between spontaneity and rigidity in your family’s routine, organization, and schedule. 
    • ​How to manage outside influences like TV, the internet, and your child’s peers - without being overbearing or restrictive.
    Module 5 - Effective Parenting Communication
    Every positive relationship starts with great communication skills. Become the master of interacting with your child and watch with amazement as their attitude transforms!
    • ​How to gracefully respond to misbehavior and disrespect WITHOUT the negative communication patterns most parents resort to.
    • Proven strategies for helping kids deal with their feelings in a healthy way…for life!
    • The 3-part formula for asking kids to do things, so that EVERY request is well-received
    •  The cure for defensiveness - how to create drama-free interactions with reactive kids 
    • ​What to do when they 'forget' - the do’s and do-not’s of reminding 
    • ​How to make your voice magnetic to your kids and creative tools for getting kids to listen WITHOUT asking
    Module 6 - Peaceful Discipline
    Misbehavior is no match for the loving power of peaceful discipline! Discover the most effective, sane, stress-free techniques for responding to misbehavior and creating consequences. 
    • How to establish authority, house rules, and boundaries AND enforce them consistently….with love!
    • The three magic tools for “starving out” bad behavior and when to use each - Ignoring, Technical Success and Cooperation Techniques
    • The Why, What & How of Emotional Intelligence Discipline 
    • How to set consequences the RIGHT way - without making your child resentful, angry, or hurt
    •  How to respond to misbehavior without losing your cool, plus tips for preventing conflict before it returns. 
    • ​Putting it into Action: Examples of real parents overcoming conflict and misbehavior with peaceful discipline
    Module 7 - The Power of the Subconscious Mind
    Want to raise kids who have great self-esteem, believe in themselves, and can accomplish anything they set their minds to? The secret lies in using the power of the subconscious mind to plant these beliefs in their hearts and souls! 
    • ​How the subconscious mind works and how to harness it to transform every area of family life
    • How to free yourself from harmful, negative beliefs about yourself as a parent and as a person
    • How to program your kids for lifelong confidence, unshakeable belief in themselves, and powerful self-worth
    • ​ Practical examples for using the power of the subconscious mind to raise empowered kids
    Module 8 - Presence vs. Presents
    Love giving your kids affection, but afraid they’re becoming spoiled? Learn how to shower your child with attention and love without the ungrateful side effects. Plus, discover the ins and outs of healthy attachment parenting! 
    •  The negative effects of spoiling and easy ways to return your child to a state of gratitude
    • Un-Spoiling Your Child: creating balance between presence and presents so that your child grows to be thankful and humble
    • How to raise your kids to look to YOU for guidance and direction...instead of their peers!
    • ​How to “keep your finger on the pulse” of your kid’s life so you know where they need your loving support most
    Plus... Get 7 AMAZING Bonuses
    Tackle parenting’s most difficult topics with my ‘crowd favorite’ collection of power-packed bonus content!
    BONUS #1
    Empowering Your Own Reactions
    What to do when your kids DRIVE YOU CRAZY! The ultimate collection of anger management tips for overwhelmed parents.
    • Tips for coping with high emotions during parenting’s most frustrating moments
    • How to identify and neutralize your triggers to stop anger before it starts
    • The Reset Rescue: Got off on the wrong foot? Learn how to do a ‘reset’!
    Bonus #2
    Rapid Sleep Routines
    Does bedtime seem to take HOURS every night...and bring out the worst in you? Learn how to put the frustrating nightly power struggles to bed once and for all! Just don’t be surprised when bedtime becomes one of the most cherished parts of your day ;)
    • The simple 4-step formula for a smooth, fuss-free bedtime...no yelling required!
    • The hidden power of deeply reconnecting with your kids at the end of their day
    • How to build a proven nighttime routine that works for kids of ALL ages...from infancy to teens!
    BONUS #3
    Life with Toddlers
    Ah, toddlers...those strong-willed, impulsive little humans certainly come with their own set of challenges! Learn proven techniques that empower yourself and your family to gracefully navigate ‘the terrible 2s’.
    • Set clear boundaries with toddlers
    • Effectively manage tantrums
    • Get your toddler to stop hitting
    BONUS #4
    Private Facebook Group
    Parenthood is a wild ride - don’t take the journey alone! Get exclusive access to the [name of group] facebook community and find support from dedicated parents just like you. Ask questions, find answers, make new friends, share motivation, and get inspired by helpful members-only tips from me, Lisa!
    • 10 weeks of support: as we go through the course together
    • Q+A: bring your toughest parenting questions and have them answered! 
    • Power-packed weekly Facebook live sessions with Lisa
    BONUS #5
    Positive Parenting Affirmations
    Discover the power of positive affirmations on your parenting journey! Packed with uplifting and empowering affirmations, this colorful eBook is designed to brighten your beliefs... and turn them into reality! Repeat these powerful phrases with your kids and watch their confidence grow.

    BONUS #6
    When Mom or Dad has ADHD
    Whether you've got ADHD or you're just having a hard time keeping it all together, we've got tips to keep your home running smoothly...even when your mind isn’t. 
    • Practical tips for managing parenting life with sanity intact!
    • Organization strategies that take the “hectic” out of tight schedules
    BONUS #7
    No journey ever comes without bumps in the road - but I promise I won’t leave you hanging! Get tons of troubleshooting tips designed to help you through even the toughest parenting ruts.
    • In-depth exploration of options for when you've tried a technique but haven't seen results
    • Kids with a Diagnosis: Explore 7 different diagnoses and key points to consider for kids with unique challenges
    • What to do when you don't know what to do - a full list of ideas for when you find yourself “stuck” on your parenting journey
    "Miracle Maker Mom's Parenting from Chaos to Connection is just what you need. Lisa is that friend that commiserates about how tough parenting can be—but then she stops you in your tracks with awesome answers. As a mom of teens, I really thought I had heard it all, but Lisa inspired me to change how I view my kids. How I talk to them and what our interactions are like. I have high hopes for us. My favorite part is that she’s going to show you how to uncover the instinct YOU have to parent THESE kids. I truly believe that they are yours for a reason, and you can know what’s right to do in each circumstance." 
    Hilary Erikson, Pullingcurls.com
    parenting from Chaos to Connection
    What if in just a few short weeks
    you Were Able to Stop Saying:
    “My kids just don’t listen… so I find myself yelling, just like my mother, which is the last thing I want to do.”

    “I’m scared to say ‘no’ because I don’t want to face the tantrums and tears that come next, so I just end up always giving in.”

    “By the end of the evening I end up yelling and giving out punishments and I feel terrible! But nothing else works!” 
    Wouldn't that be PRICELESS?
    Cooperation and connection are RIGHT around the corner!
    Yes, even if it feels like your child’s behavior is beyond help right now…
    This is Your Chance to Get the Tools to Build Your Child 
    And Become The ROCKSTAR Parent You’re Meant To Be! 
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    • Bonus: Anger Management for Parents
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    • Bonus: Troubleshooting Ideas
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    • Best Value
    • Full Course - 8 Modules
    • Rapid Sleep Routines: Get Kids to Sleep Course
    • Bonus: Anger Management for Parents
    • Bonus: Life with Toddlers
    • Bonus: Troubleshooting Ideas
    Once You Learn These Skills, Your Life As A Parent Changes Forever!
    Once You Learn These Skills, Your Life As A Parent Changes Forever!
    Join Me And A Supportive Community Of Moms & Dads Like You 
    As We Transform Family Chaos To Connection Together!
    This is your defining moment
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