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How to talk so your kids LOVE to Listen 
"I have no idea how to say things so she'll listen and not turn her back on me."
what am i saying wrong?
I Hate It.
How many times have you stood there feeling like a failure because your words didn't have the effect that you wanted them to have? That's what we're going to take care of right here. 
"How many times do I need to repeat myself... and still no response?"
I feel like a failure!
What you'll learn in this course:
  •  The Art of Communication: Learn the secrets to making your day to day communication skills into an art 
  •  Helping Kids Deal with Feelings: In a healthy way - for life 
  •  Misbehavior: What to do - what to say 
  •  The Sound of Communication: Learn the secrets to sound waves & what makes listeners either find you boring or have them hanging off your every word. Use these secrets for getting your kids dancing to your beat
  •  The Cure to Defensiveness: Want to make a comment without your kids getting defensive? 
  •  Making a Request: The formula for asking kids to do something 
  •  Creative Ways of Getting Kids 'Listening' Without 'Asking': Don't want to be telling your kids what to do all day? Use these tools for getting kids to listen without even asking
  •  Getting Rid of Negative Communication: What not to do 
  •  Disrespect: What to do when kids are disrespectful
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Effective Parenting Communication: How to talk so your kids LOVE to Listen 
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Hey, I’m Lisa! I’m a natural, grain free, crunchy, enthusiastic and full-of-energy-for-anything-fun mom of eight kids (yes, eight!), ranging in age from toddler to 18. I’m passionate about encouraging moms and dads to fill themselves up with whatever it takes to be an awesome parent.

I'm a mom just like who's been through the trenches. I know what it feels like to have kids that won't listen, talk back and make you beyond frustrated. I'm here to hold your hand through this and give you some life saving tools.
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