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Become a Role Model 
All about becoming the perfect role model that you want your child to have.

List of classes:
  •  The Role Model: Taking on this incredible role - how to? 
  •  Thinking Out Loud: How this works in being a role model
  •  Outer Appearance: importance & value
  •  Getting Energized: Parenting energy - what it is & its importance
  •  Personal Development: There is a copy cat who is watching you - what do we do now?
Setting Clear Values
Teaches the ins and outs of creating family values.

List of classes:
  •  Setting Clear Values: How to?
  •  Giving Value to the Laws of Nature: Which laws of nature to pay attention to & how to impart their value
  •  Practical Application: Real life examples of settings values & what it looks like
Teach Anything - How to?
This module focuses on the way children learn in many more ways than just telling them information - and how to impart a message so they'll come to value it.

List of Classes:
  •  Teach it: How to teach just about anything
  •  The Intensity of Your Reactions: Harness the intensity of your reactions to teach important values
  •  Responding to Actions: Not Outcomes
  •  Using a Story to Teach Anything: Secret weapon for teaching facts & values
  •  The Power of Speech: Learn the powers of this weapon & how to use them
  •  Never Lie to Your Child: Why not?
  •  Fostering Real Rapport: the long talk in the woods...
The Atmosphere in Your Home
Discussing the atmosphere in the home & how it plays a part in your child's life & relationship with you.

List of classes:
  •  The Atmosphere in the Home: How it plays a role in many ways more than one
  •  Respect Between Mom & Dad: What this should look like & the effects of the lack thereof. (Includes a section for divorced parents)
  •  The 80/20 Ratio: The Parenting 'bank account' & how to never be in the 'minus'
  •  Respect & Acceptance: Two most important feelings a child must feel from their parent & how to accomplish such
  •  The Organized Home: How this plays a role in the home atmosphere
  •  Dealing with Outside Influences: Especially when they are in your home
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Kristina Kuzmic
Effective Parenting Communication
Good relationships with all people are very firmly grounded in having great communication skills. Especially with out kids. 10 classes loaded with incredible communication skills - perfect for relating to kids & or anyone else with whom you want to have a great relationship with. 
This module can also be purchased as a stand alone by going here: Effective Parenting Communication

List of classes:
  •  The Art of Communication: Learn the secrets to making your day to day communication skills into an art
  •  Disrespect: What to do when kids are disrespectful
  • Helping Kids Deal with Feelings: In a healthy way - for life
  • Misbehavior: What to do - what to say
  • Getting Rid of Negative Communication: What not to do
  • Making a Request: The formula for asking kids to do something
  • The Cure to Defensiveness: Want to make a comment without your kids getting defensive? Use these steps to cure defensiveness
  • What to do When They 'Forget': The dos and don't of reminding
  • Creative Ways of Getting Kids 'Listening' Without 'Asking': Don't want to be telling your kids what to do all day? Use these tools for getting kids to listen without even asking
  • The Sound of Communication: Learn the secrets to sound waves & what makes listeners either find you boring or have them hanging off your every word. Use these secrets for getting your kids dancing to your beat
Peaceful Discipline: How to?
This is where we get to the DISCIPLINE part of the course. Loads of tools for positive, peaceful discipline with love. 
Includes Emotional Intelligence Discipline, consequences & how to be consistent.
This module can also be purchased as a stand alone by going here: Peaceful Discipline: How to?

List of classes:
  • Boundaries & Consistency: How to?
  •  How to Establish Authority & Set Boundaries: with positivity & love
  •  House Rules & Consistency: How to get started & be consistent
  •  Ignoring, Technical Success & Cooperation Techniques: When to use which tool?
  •  Emotional Intelligent Discipline: Why? What? How?
  •  Consequences: How to the right way?
  •  Misbehavior or Conflict - What Next?  The decision every parent must make after the fact - How to navigate
  •  The Most Common Cause of Misbehavior: And how to avoid it
  •  Plan Ahead: Planning ahead after the misbehavior (but before it happens again)
  •  Putting it into Action: Real life examples of positive, peaceful discipline with love
The Power of the Subconscious Mind
Want to raise kids who have great self-esteem, who believe in themselves & can go out there and accomplish anything? 
The secret lies in harnessing the power of the subconscious mind - to plan these beliefs in their hearts and souls from a young age. Raise a child to believe that he can accomplish anything - and he can!

List of classes:
  •  The Power of the Subconscious Mind: How it works
  •  Using this Power to Transform Ourselves
  •  Using this Power for Raising Kids: Raising kids who are powerhouses 
  •  Practical Examples for Using the Power of the Subconscious Mind for Raising Kids
Presence vs. Presents
The ins and outs & Importance of Attachment Parenting: what it is and what it is not. 
Attention vs. Spoiling our kids & the dangers of raising spoiled kids.
  •  Presence vs. Presents: Definition of being spoiled, how to un-spoil your kids & the negative effects of being spoiled
  •  Healthy Attachment Parenting: vs. Peer Role Models
  •  Being Present without the Kids: Giving presence of mind
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Empowering Your Own Reactions
What to do when your kids DRIVE YOU CRAZY!!!!!!
Anger Management for parents

List of classes:
  •  Empowering Your Own Reactions: Tips & Tools to help you cope with your own emotions
  • Finding the Trigger: And what to do then
  •  Emotionally Charged Situations: SOS - what to do right now
  •  Recreating Your Thoughts: Thoughts create your emotions & emotions create your reality - how to change your story
  •  How to do a Reset: Got off on the wrong foot? Learn to do a 'reset' 
  •  Practice Makes Progress: Never get caught off guard: tricks to finding the solution before the issues arise  
Life with Toddlers
Setting boundaries for toddlers, dealing with toddler tempter tantrums, tips to get your toddler to stop hitting. Learn proven techniques to empower yourself & your family when dealing with your toddler! 
  •  Setting Boundaries for Toddlers: How to?
  •  Tantrums: Essentials for dealing with Toddler Tantrums
  •  Hitting: #1 Tip to stop your toddler from hitting
When Mom (or Dad) has ADHD
Whether you've got ADHD or you're just having a hard time keeping it all together we've got tips to help keep your home running smoothing 
  •  When Mom (or Dad) has ADHD: Practical tips to managing parenting life, sanity in tact
I promise I won’t leave you hanging! Get tons of troubleshooting ideas, PLUS tips to help kids with a diagnosis and a section to help you when you get stuck and don't know what to do next.
  •  Troubleshooting Tips: In depth exploring of options when you've tried & haven't gotten results
  •  Kids with a Diagnosis: We explore 7 different diagnoses and suggest key points to consider for kids with these diagnoses
  •  What to do when you don't know what to do: Full list of ideas for when you don't know what to do next
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