get your kids to listen
Without Screaming & Losing Your Mind 
Sound like this? … don't worry, me too :) 
Parents of Kids 2-17 Will Learn:
Avoid Power Struggles
Get the secret to avoiding power struggles at every turn - so you can begin to enjoy spending time with your kids.
Manage Misbehavior
How to manage the worst behavior without yelling, punishing, criticizing, threatening or bribing.
Get Kids Listening
How to get kids to listen, without asking over and over again. Learn the techniques to stating requests only once.
#1 Reason Kids Misbehave
Find out the number one reason why kids misbehave and what to do to cut out 50% of misbehavior. 
Emotional Intelligent Discipline
Learn the 3 steps to emotional intelligent discipline and how to apply it to every day life with your kids.
8 Steps to Becoming an Awesome Parent
Learn the 8 steps to creating an AWESOME relationship between you and your child, now and long-term.
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